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appear every Tuesday in the San Francisco Chronicle on the back page of the Datebook Section. His father, former San Francisco Chronicle and nationally syndicated columnist Arthur Hoppe, wrote for a living. Fortunately,  Nick has other means of support. His topics include business columns relating to the common absurdities of owning a business (he owns restaurants and retail stores throughout  California), general lifestyle columns, and travel columns.
But no matter what he is writing about, rest assured that he is not taking it too seriously.

(Posted May 23, 2017)
   It's been almost a year since I wrote about a young man from Marin County, best friend to my two sons and marketing manager for my company, who surprised all of us by announcing he was joining the army.
   The title of the column was "No Such Thing as an Unknown Soldier," and it recounted my realization that those men and women who serve our country would no longer be anonymous to me, and never should have been.
   Brian is 28 years old with a business degree from the University of San Diego, and fiercely dedicated to serving his country. He decided he wanted to become a member of Special Forces and protect us from the evils that are permeating the world... (continue)


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